Amanoya Tamago Sando

Aiste Miseviciute of Luxeat introduced me to Amanoya tamago sando in Azabu Jūban. I visited the shop with her and she placed orders for their saké cake to bring back home as omiyage gifts.

The egg sandwich is not the Tokyo style of boiled eggs with mayonnaise but the Kansai style of dashimaki tamago, a savory omelet. The Tokyo omelet, tamagoyaki, is made with sugar, but not the Kansai style. The fluffy omelet is sandwiched between a delicate shokupan white bread. My only disappointment was that the mayonnaise had karashi Japanese mustard in it. When I go back I will ask for plain mayonnaise. 🙂

Warabi mochi

We also tried the warabi mochi which was incredibly light and topped with kinako, roasted soybean powder, and a sweet simple syrup. Guests who order the tamago sando are asked to also order a beverage so we had a mattcha.

Amanoya started in 1927 in Osaka. The Tokyo branch opened in 2002 on a quiet backstreet. Amanoya has received a Michelin Bib Gourmand for its okonomiyaki, which is only served in the evening. During the day Amanoya is a wafū cafe. Traditional koto music plays in the background. There are only five tables. When I have stopped by in the past it was always full. This day when we went at 1:30 p.m. it was quiet. But, it did fill up quickly. There were also many guests coming in for omiyage to take home – the egg sandwich and warabi mochi were the most popular items. Orders for the tamago sando for take away can be phoned in. I would recommend that if you really want to make sure you can have it. The tamago sando is also sold at Shinjuku Keio department store.

Amanoya 天のや

Minato-ku, Azabu-Jūban 3-1-9


My editor at Tokyo Weekender, Paul McInnes, recently wrote an aritcle on tamago sando in Tokyo:

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