Sakura Mochi

Sakura mochi

This time of year we are starting to see the early blossoming sakura cherry blossoms. The wagashi confectionary shops are starting to offer sakura mochi. There are many variations.

Ginza Akebono’s sakura mochi is a sweet azuki red bean paste surrounded by a thin cherry colored pancake wrapped in an edible salted cherry tree leaf and topped with a salt-cured sakura blossom.

The sweet and salty combination is lovely.

Tip: if you’re not sure if you can eat the leaves be sure to ask. Wagashi we eat in May are usually covered in bamboo or oak leaves that can not be eaten. 🙂

Charming packaging.

Ginza Akebono is at the main intersection in Ginza. There are branches in many depachika.

Ginza Akebono あけぼの

Chūō-ku, Ginza 5-7-19

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