Oyster Ramen at Tsukiji Yajima 築地やじ満

Tsukiji Yajima oyster ramen

Tsukiji Yajima oyster ramen

Tsukiji Market breakfast options abound and oyster ramen (1,200 JPY) is one can only be had this time of year. Creamy oysters are a unique topping for ramen and are served with nira (garlic chives), onions, bamboo shoots, and fresh wood-ear mushrooms. The noodles are straight and thin, a nice contrast to the large oysters. It’s a large bowl and very filling so come hungry, and come while oysters are in season.

Most of the diners at Yajima are fishmongers from the inner market. Many of them were ordering fried rice or shio (salt) ramen and a half order of shumai (steamed pork dumplings). They are in and out quickly and pay when they order. It was the tourists (myself included) who ordered the oyster ramen (kaki ra-men) and paid after eating.

Tsukiji Yajima exterior

Tsukiji Yajima exterior

Plenty of other restaurants serving fried oysters at Tsukiji Market including:



Yajima やじ満

Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 5-2-1 Bldg. 8


2015 Tokyo Michelin Guide


The 2015 Tokyo Michelin Guide is out and is available online for free:


This is a nice reminder to what a wonderful food city Tokyo is.

Michelin Tokyo by the numbers:

551 restaurants

12 3-star restaurants (one was promoted)

53 2-star restaurants

161 1-star restaurants

325 restaurants providing good value, quality food for less than 5,000 JPY

213 new entries to the guide

8 restaurants less than 1,500 JPY with Michelin stars

118 restaurants less than 1,500 JPY good value restaurants

Some other notables

Makimura was promoted from 2 to 3 stars.

Harutaka, one of my favorite sushi restaurants, was promoted from 1 to 2 stars.

L’Effervescence was promoted from 1 to 2 stars.

L’Osier, closed for 2 1/2 years, has come back with 2 stars.

Tapas Molecular Bar at the Mandarin Oriental is new with 1 star.

There are lots of new entries in the great value restaurants, too many to even comment on.