The Delicatessen at the Park Hyatt Tokyo


The set lunch at the Delicatessen at the Park Hyatt Tokyo is worth the short walk from Shinjuku station. I was surprised to see how reasonably priced it is. For 1,000 JPY diners can select from a large selection of sandwiches, including croque monsieur, croissants with ham, and pita overflowing with vegetables. With the sandwich comes a salad or soup of the day and dessert. For an extra 200 JPY   a beverage.

The focaccia was irresistible. This one with smoked salmon, artichokes, and pine nuts is generous with the toppings.


Here is the 1,000 JPY set. The sandwich and focaccia sizes are generous and today’s soup was a creamy kabocha. The fig cake was the perfect small bite to end the meal.


I adore breads, but have a soft spot particularly for focaccia. The bread was just as it should be, very light and airy, and crispy on the bottom. When I saw that this was made with gorgonzola I had to try it. The lardons and mushrooms matched the rich cheese, and again, was generous with the toppings. The salads today included a Cobb salad and the New York Grill’s famous Caesar salad. The salads are 750 JPY and are a nice size.


There are seats inside the Delicatessen, as well as some outdoor seating. When I came in there were several diners outside.

UPDATED 3 December 2014:

Park Hyatt Deli

Park Hyatt Deli

I was meeting a friend for lunch at Shinjuku and we walked to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, between 10 to 15 minutes depending on your pace. The quiche is a generous size and is filled with cheese, bacon, and potatoes. The side salad is garnished with chicken and colorful vegetables. The quiche is heated up in the kitchen and then brought to the table. All of this, plus a petite dessert, which hits the spot, something sweet, but not too big, for only 1,050 JPY.

The Delicatessen is a great spot for a casual, great value lunch.

Park Hyatt Tokyo Delicatessen

Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1-2


2014 Tokyo Michelin Guide

Michelin has announced its updated guide for 2014 for Tokyo, Yokohama, and the Shonan area. Last year Michelin, in alliance with Gurunavi, has stopped printing the book and putting it online for free. So, here you go, the 2014 Tokyo Michelin Guide.



Tsukiji Market Calendar 2014


Food Sake Tokyo has had a busy year with food tours in Tokyo in 2013. We are already booking up dates in 2014. The most popular destinations in 2013 include Tsukiji Market, depachika, and Nihonbashi.

The 2014 Tsukiji Market Calendar is now available online. As for it’s move. Newspapers are reporting 2015 for a move to the new location in Toyosu. But, we have a feeling it will take a bit longer and may not move until later than that.

We are both a chef and a former buyer at Tsukiji Market. Our tours are geared towards chefs and serious food-lovers. We introduce seasonal seafood, cooking techniques, and Japanese food culture. For more information on our tours, click here.

Yukari’s book, Food Sake Tokyo, is published by The Little Bookroom. It guides readers through Japanese cuisine and sake and shochu. It also introduces readers to food shops and restaurants in Tokyo as well as at Kyoto’s Nishiki Market.