Tsukiji Market Calendar 2014


Food Sake Tokyo has had a busy year with food tours in Tokyo in 2013. We are already booking up dates in 2014. The most popular destinations in 2013 include Tsukiji Market, depachika, and Nihonbashi.

The 2014 Tsukiji Market Calendar is now available online. As for it’s move. Newspapers are reporting 2015 for a move to the new location in Toyosu. But, we have a feeling it will take a bit longer and may not move until later than that.

We are both a chef and a former buyer at Tsukiji Market. Our tours are geared towards chefs and serious food-lovers. We introduce seasonal seafood, cooking techniques, and Japanese food culture. For more information on our tours, click here.

Yukari’s book, Food Sake Tokyo, is published by The Little Bookroom. It guides readers through Japanese cuisine and sake and shochu. It also introduces readers to food shops and restaurants in Tokyo as well as at Kyoto’s Nishiki Market.

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  1. Hello, just want to ask, are most restaurants in tokyo opened during mid-August? since its obon festival in august. but some say that tokyo celebrates it in july. so im a bit confused.

    1. Some restaurants will close for Obon holidays in August. You’ll have to check with each restaurant.

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