Izakaya 101 Yama-chan


Yama-chan is a kid-friendly izakaya chain that specializes in tebasaki chicken wings. We went for an early dinner and there were about a half dozen kids, elementary age and younger in the restaurant with their families. The menu is filled with photos so just point if you don’t read Japanese.

Tebasaki chicken wings

The drinks menu includes beer, sake, shōchū, and mocktails that kids and adults can enjoy. The chicken wings are on the spicy side so if you are with kids ask for the non-spicy version. The silver pot on the table is to collect your bones.

Cabbage salad

Potato salad and karaagé fried chicken are classic izakaya dishes. So is raw cabbage, sometimes with a miso dipping sauce or here with an umami sesame dressing.

Potato Salad

There’s a button on the table to call for a waiter. Long ago when I was a private chef the client too had a button on the table to call me. But that’s another story. 😂

The food and drinks are very affordable. We ate and drank and the bill for three of us came to 10,000 yen ($75).


Shoes locker

The branch we went to asks diners to take off their shoes. The seating is a casual horigotatsu where the table is low and there is a hole under the table for your feet. We also went out early before it got crowded.

Horigotatsu low tables with a hole underneath.

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  1. jc says:

    they even have Yamachans in Hong Kong! Are there other big chain Izakayas?

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