Shinbashi Oniyanma Udon

Oniyanma udon

Bowl of cold handmade udon noodles topped with tempura of chicken and chikuwa grilled fish cake at Shinbashi Oniyanma. Oniyanma is from Shikoku known for udon noodles. We’re lucky to have this in Tokyo.

This casual tachigui stand-and-eat shop is near Shinbashi station. There is a vending machine in front of the shop. This is the most popular dish and the order is on the top left – and is a bargain 590 yen ($4.35 at today’s exchange rate).

Tenkasu tempura bits

I love the casual interior that is part store-room. During my meal one of the cooks was carrying two massive bags of flour from the store-room to the kitchen. Oniyanma opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. (10 p.m. on weekends).

I wrote about Oniyanma for @thejapantimes for a series of #Japanesebreakfast in #Tokyo. The shop in the article is a different branch.

Oniyanma おにやんま

Minato-ku, Shinbashi 3-16-23

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