Okutama Tamagoyaki Omelet

Ranway near Okutama Station

Ranway near Okutama station in Western Tokyo serves dashimaki tamago made with so much dashi that the savory omelet is juicy. The menu is simple. Select from three types of eggs.

White yolk omelette.

We did ukokkei (Gallus gallus) red junglefowl chicken eggs (1,700 yen) and the white eggs (1,300 yen). The ukokkei set lunch comes with a raw egg to enjoy with the rice. Both sets come with rice topped with katsuobushi smoked skipjack tuna flakes, umeboshi, miso soup, and on this day pickled carrots and eggplant.

Sweet custard

We finished with a sweet custard pudding. Not to be confused with a savory chawanmushi custard.

Note the restaurant is popular and only has a handful of seats. The dashmaki tamago omelet is also sold for take-away if the queue is long.


The dashimaki tamago omelet is amazing. I am still dreaming about it. I make dashimaki tamago at home, but not this juicy. I will practice.

Okutama station is nestled in the mountains and the Tama river runs through the area. Easy hiking nearby and the colors are lovely in autumn.

Okutama in autumn.

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