Sushiro Conveyor-belt Sushi

Sushiro is our local kaitenzushi, conveyor belt sushi shop. It’s a fun sushi meal that starts at about $1 per plate (often with two sushi). The color of the plate determines the price. At the end of the meal staff will count up how many plates are on the table.

Sushi is also fun as it makes non-traditional sushi like panko fried scallops topped with tartar sauce or tempura kani kamaboko fish cakes. It’s also perfect if you have a kid! 🙂

Recently there was a problem with social media posts of diners putting wasabi on sushi that was moving on the conveyor belt. So the chain is currently not putting any sushi on the conveyor belt. Diners order all of their sushi on an iPad and the sushi is sent on a different conveyor belt that goes directly to the diner’s seats.

The size of the crab kamaboko tempura.

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  1. jc says:

    when sushiro opened in HK, the wait time was counted in hours not minutes… wonder how it is now.

  2. Christine dea says:

    Pls send me the address, neighborhood , & nearest train

    fYI: I am creating my bucket list of local favorites from your postings to try on my next Tokyo visit 2024! Thx soo much!

    1. Easier if you look it up online as it is a chain. Several restaurants throughout Tokyo. I hope you enjoy it!

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