Avocado Udon at a Produce Shop

Produce shop also serves udon.

The avocado 🥑 udon 🍜 at Higashi-Ginza Daitsune. Daitsune is a produce shop, so expectations are high for good quality vegetables at this noodle shop on a quiet back street in Higashi-Ginza. Popular with local office workers it can get busy. There is a table out in front of the shop (or there was when I last went). Daitsune is famous for the avocado udon, which makes for a cool photo, but is also delicious.

Seasonal selection of tempura.

Daitsune, like many udon shops, has a seasonal selection of tempura. Here is fuki no tō, butterbur, which is a sansai mountain spring vegetable. Slightly bitter which is a flavor of early spring.

Daitsune is on a quiet back street in Ginza near the Kabukiza theater.

The interior is very simple. Grab a tray and select any tempura and place your order for noodles. The meal is quick. Slurp and go. The avocado udon is a bargain 750 yen ($5.75). A basic bowl of kak̩ udon, noodles with broth, starts at 450 yen ($3.50). The kak̩ udon can be ordered hot or cold. I prefer cold Рthe better to enjoy the texture of the udon noodles. *This is an old photo. Prices have gone up, about 50 yen.

An old menu, prices have gone up about 50 yen, but still a bargain.


Daitsune 大常


Chūō-ku, Ginza 7-15-17


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  1. nancycraft says:


    1. I think you would love this shop!

      1. nancycraft says:

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  2. nancycraft says:

    Hi Yukari, Upon your recommendation, I reserved Daitsune for a group dinner in November! They are requiring a set course meal but it should be great! Thank you. Nancy

    1. The seating is super casual. Think church potluck meals. Nothing fancy. It also may be chilly in November.

    2. I love it for a quick casual lunch.

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