Park Hyatt Tokyo Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Chocolates filled with chai, figs, and cinnamon apples.

These chocolates are from chef Julien Pertinet of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Valentine chocolates this year comes in three unique flavors that will be fun to pair with wine (or even saké). The chocolates are available through March 14th, White Day, at the hotel’s Pastry Boutique.

1. wine and figs with cheese and vanilla

2. chai tea with orange and almonds

3. apple and cinnamon

Pastry Boutique chocolates from the Park Hyatt Tokyo

ValentinesDay in Japan is a big deal. The gift-giving culture extends to February 14th when women will give chocolates to many men in their lives. The boyfriend or spouse gets hon choco, or the true chocolate. Colleagues at work get giri choco, obligatory chocolate. Friends will get tomo choco, tomodachi for friend.

On March 14th, White Day, the men will reciprocate with gifts to the women who gave them chocolates today.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

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