Matsumoto cohiludo Oyaki

Nozawana oyaki from cohiludo

We are visiting Matsumoto in Nagano for winter holidays. One of our first stops was at the charming cohiludo café. It is on the main street leading to Matsumoto Castle from the station. Oyaki are stuffed dumplings, a local dish from Nagano prefecture. My favorite is the Nozawana, a mustard green leaf – also a local speciality.

Potato and cheese oyaki

We also tried potato and cheese and Chinese bifun noodles. The oyaki are packed with ingredients and are very satisfying.

cohiludo cafe

The @cohiludo café has high ceilings and is brightly lit. There is generous seating so we could socially distance. The menu includes soba, coffee, mattcha, and more. The oyaki are cooked and it may take twenty minutes for your order. We paid for ours and visited shops in the neighborhood while we waited.

Matsumoto is easy to access from Tokyo. We rode the JR Azusa train for about two hours from Tachikawa station. The train starts at Shinjuku station.

Nagano-ken, Matsumoto-shi, Ōte 3-5-11

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  1. This looks wonderful! I’m noting many of your recommendations for our upcoming trip.

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