Osechi Ryōri New Year’s Cuisine

Osechi Ryōri

Osechi ryōri is the traditional New Year’s Cuisine that is rich in symbolism. Over the years I have slimmed down what I prepare to only my favorites and then enjoy these dishes over the first few days of the new year. Here are some of the auspicious dishes:

kuri kinton sweet potatoes and chestnuts – tinged a golden color from gardenia pods this dish represents a wish for prosperity.

kohaku kamaboko steamed fish cakes – the pink (red) and white colors are auspicious and is said to symbolize the first sunrise of the year. My favorite kamaboko is from @suzuhirokamaboko.

kohaku namasu daikon and carrots in a sweet vinegar – another dish of auspicious colors.

kazu no ko herring roe – for fertility. This year I included herring roe and komochi kombu herring roe on kombu kelp.

kuro mame black beans –  for diligent and working hard in the new year.

tazukuri dried sardines – rich in calcium so good for our bones. This year I fried the sardines and seasoned with salt and sugar. Much easier than the traditional sweet soy sauce and just as delicious.

New Year’s cuisine.

Note, the multi-layered lacquer bentō boxes should be filled in tightly, but running short on time this year I broke the traditional rules and filled it in sparingly.

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