Roppongi Tsurutontan Udon

Tsurutontan tomato udon
Tomato udon with tomato sorbet at Tsurutontan

In summer at home we often make chilled somen noodles, sometimes topped with tomatoes. It’s a breeze to whip together, especially if you have tsuyu, the soy-based sauce noodles. Udon specialty restaurant Tsurutonten in Roppongi has a chilled tomato udon that is served with tomato sorbet. This is a great dish on a hot summer day, rich in umami. It is presented in a massive red bowl. Had the bowl been smaller I would have picked it up to slurp up what little broth was left in the bowl. Diners have the option of thin or regular udon noodles. In the photo above are the thin noodles. The seasonal menu is big and the next one on my list to try is the grilled corn udon. Our server said the summer menu will run through September 20th.

Tsurutonten also has branches in Shinjuku (Kabukicho 2-26-3), Marunouchi (Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokia Bldg. B1), and at Haneda Airport.


Tsurutonten つるとんたん

Minato-ku, Roppongi 3-14-12

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  1. Kate says:

    Enjoyed my late lunch at the Kabukicho branch of Tsurutontan so much I went back twice in the same week. The corn ramen on the summer menu was delightful – sweet with a broth thickened by eggs and what seemed like a hint of nutmeg. I ordered a medium and finished all of the noodles. I won’t order a medium size again – the portions are crazy big – but I don’t regret a single bite. On the regular menu I really really liked the ume udon – the thick and chewy noodles into a cold, snappy sour ume dipping sauce with seaweeds was a lovely contrast. I also really enjoyed the noodles in a cold dashi with egg, seaweeds, cucumbers and eggplant. The dashi broth was half frozen and it really cooled me off on a hot day. I would have eaten the broth in popsicle form and not though twice – I believe it had a squeeze of lime – yum!

    1. Thanks for sharing this – I would love to try the corn udon before the menu changes, which will be soon.

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