Kyoto Suba Soba

Enoki mushroom tempura soba

A simple and satisfying bowl of buckwheat noodles at Kyoto Suba Soba. The simple shop only serves hot bowls of soba with a variety of toppings ranging from meat with a soft-boiled egg, steamed mussels with watercress or these enoki mushroom tempura.

The bare bones shop is popular. Lots of young Japanese quickly came and went as it’s a fast meal. Just two massive metal boxes that are simple tables. No chairs. Just stand and slurp.

Stand and slurp soba shop.

The menu, in Japanese and English, is taped to the wall. The shop is near the Kamogawa River, a good spot for a walk after a bowl.

Suba Soba

Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Minoyachō 182-10

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