Thomas Bertrand of Bento&co

Frenchman Thomas Bertrand and his wife Erico are the founders and owners of Bento&Co. Their shop is in the heart of Kyoto, just north of the famous Nishiki Market specializes in all things for bento lunch boxes.

There is a website if you don’t make it to Kyoto. But, if you are in Kyoto do stop by to check out the colorful selection. Cool designs including the neko cat bus from Ghibli’s Totoro movie, wooden magewappa bentō, and so much more.

Thomas has lived in Kyoto for 20 years and knows the city well. He has been a source of great food tips. Merci beaucoup!

Thomas and his colleague, Jeweliann, do a great Japanese food podcast. I am humbled to have been asked to participate. Our talk is here:


Kyoto-fu, Nakagyō-ku, Yaoyachō 117

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