Osaka Lamu Supermarket

One of my favorite things to do while visiting new cities anywhere in the world is to seek out local supermarkets. Especially in Japan. Not big chains that I also have in Tokyo but local markets.

In Osaka we checked out the mega discount Lamu. Outside of the supermarket this branch was selling six takoyaki octopus balls for only 100 yen (75 cents). The sashimi and sushi section was wild.

18 pieces of sushi for 999 yen ($7.50). It included ikura, shrimp, anago, scallops, and more.

Kaisendon, sashimi over a bed of rice only 276 yen ($2.00).

Ten pieces of sushi for 554 yen ($4.00).

Furikaké rice sprinkles for 64 yen (50 cents).

Katsu and tamago sando for 248 yen ($1.80).

And so much more.

Lamu has several branches. We visited the branch that was about a fifteen-minute walk from Nishi Kujō station.

Osaka, Kotohana-ku, Nishikujō 7-1-36

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