Kyoto Daiki Suisan Sushi

When in doubt about where to eat my kid loves to request kaitenzushi, conveyor belt sushi. We ended up at Daiki Suisan @daikisuisan at the basement of the Kyoto Tower building when other restaurants in the area had super long lines. The Japanese love to eat at 12 noon.

Daiki was good for kaitenzushi. A variety of seafood on offer. Who doesn’t love fried squid and octopus.

Bamboo shoot tempura sushi

As it is spring there was an interesting takenoko tempura – battered and deep-fried fresh bamboo shoots.

The closest we came to getting some vegetables was corn with mayonnaise gunkan – wrapped with nori in a battleship shape to keep the loose corn on top.

Daiki Suisan conveyor belt sushi.

Daiki Suisan 大起水産

In the basement food floor of the Kyoto Tower building.

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