Osaka Aloft Dojima

Aloft Osaka Dōjima

Aloft in the Marriott chain has a hotel in Osaka in Dojima. It’s a short walk from Osaka station.

There is an underground mall that takes you about 50 steps from the front door of the hotel. It helped as it was raining on our departure day from Osaka so the underground passage was helpful.

Corner room view. Road leads to Osaka Station.

The hotel lobby has a hip and cool vibe. It was a busy property on this Saturday night.

We had a corner room that was much bigger than the Dormy Inn and Onyado Nono Japanese hotels that we stayed at for the rest of our holidays. The windows also looked on a street that led up to Osaka station.

The only downside to the hotel is that there is no onsen hot springs, which we try to book for any hotel stay. But, were very glad to have the big room and the super comfortable bed.

No onsen hot springs but a very shower.

Aloft Osaka Dojima アロフト大阪堂島

Osaka, Kita-ku, Dojimahama 2-1-31

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