Unafuji Unagi


Unagi donburi at Unafuji in the new Midtown Yaesu building near Tokyo Station. The unagi is butterflied in the store, by a handsome fishmonger, behind a window. The fresh water eel is skewered is grilled over charcoal, glazed with a kabayaki sweet soy sauce, and served over a bowl of rice. Unafuji also serves a shirayaki grilled and simply seasoned with salt.

The Nagoya local dish of hitsumabushi is also served here. Grilled and glazed eel over rice. Diners eat it three ways:

1. as it is glazed eel with rice

2. then garnished with seaweed, green onions, and wasabi

3. the above with a warm dashi stock like an ochazuké

Savory omelette with unagi

The original Unafuji opened 30 years ago in Nagoya and now has a Michelin bib gourmand award. The staff were very attentive. I had only eaten about half of my dish and had slowed down eating. I was offered a plastic take-away bentō box to pack what I had left in the bowl to bring home. Omotenashi.

Unafuji うな富士 @sumiyaki.unafuji

Midtown Yaesu 3F

Chūō-ku, Yaesu 2-2-1


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