Muji Diner

Tōfu teishoku

Simple lunch at the Ginza Muji shokudō diner in the basement of the Ginza MUJI shop and hotel. The special set lunch this week is all about soybeans. Okinawan style yushi dōfu which is like a soup made from tōfu, ganmo fried tōfu, and unohana made from tōfu lees (okara). The rice, Yamagata Yukiwakamaru, was sweet and delicious. A good value for only 1,500 yen ($11). The meal includes a beverage. I love black bean tea, and it’s not often on menus.

The other two lunch sets this week are karaagé fried chicken or grilled fish. There is also a special promotion of Yaezu #katsuobushi smoked and dried skipjack tuna flakes over rice.

Family-friendly restaurant. Lots of mothers with kids. I believe all of the dishes that the cuisine is served in can be purchased in the retail shop. This is MUJI’s global flagship store and it’s gorgeous. Five floors of shopping, a hotel, a bakery on the first floor, restaurant and café on the sixth floor, and the diner in the basement.

I thought the tōfu meal might be vegetarian but was told that dashi using fish was used for a few of the dishes. So, ok for pescatarians, but not for vegetarians.

MUJI Diner Shokudō

Chūō-ku, Ginza 3-3-5

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