Sustainable Tuna

A tuna sushi meal that is made with farmed tuna from Kinki University. The fatty tuna is lean with a soft texture. There are only two restaurants in Japan that the whole menu is based on farmed seafood from Kinki University. Not just tuna, but also sea bream, yellowtail, and a hybrid of yellowtail and amberjack.

maguro – tuna

madai – sea bream

buri – yellowtail

hiramasa – amberjack

burihira – hybrid of yellowtail and amberjack

Kinki Daigaku, Kindai for short, is a university that has a strong aquaculture program. Kindai is famous for its work with farming tuna. It has a complete farm-raising cycle of tuna from the egg. Japan consumes the most seafood per capita than any other country, so aquaculture and sustainable seafood is important to the food culture. Famous chefs have said that we need to embrace farmed seafood. That it’s not sustainable to serve only wild seafood at their restaurants.

The kitchen can be observed through a glass window. Inside of the restaurant are videos of aquaculture, posters of tuna, and even stuffed tuna. Staff are friendly.

Kinki Daigaku Suisan Kenkyūjo Ginza Ten

Chūō-ku, Ginza 6-2, Yamashita Bldg. 2F

The restaurant is under the train tracks near Yūrakuchō station. It’s a popular restaurant so reservations are recommended. On weekdays before the pandemic there was often a long line outside of the restaurant in Ginza. The other restaurant is in Osaka.

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  1. jc says:

    Could you taste any difference between farmed and the normal wild tuna?

    1. My palate is trained for wine. My husband can tell the difference because he’s a fishmonger. But, it was delicious.

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