I am enjoying my #FoodSakeTokyo market tours so much. I love demystifying Japanese cuisine. Just last week I did a local supermarket tour with a client who has moved to Tokyo. We walked through her local supermarket introducing ingredients and products she can use in her daily life. She lived in Japan before so is familiar with lots of Japanese dishes.

I will start introducing supermarket items that can be used for cooking at home. The first in this new series is ochazuké お茶漬け。

Ochazuké is a simple dish of rice with toppings like grilled salmon or uméboshi pickled apricot with green tea or a savory dashi (or a combination!). Nagatanien is a popular brand of ochazuké. It comes in three flavors:

nori のり

sake さけ

umeboshi 梅干

Here is the nori chazuké. The jar has cooked salmon flakes in it. 

1/2 cup cooked rice (about 100 grams)

toppings (salmon flakes, tinned fish, uméboshi, other tsukemono pickles)

1/2 cup boiling water

*Be sure to use a bigger bowl than usual.

Comfort food.

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