Handmade Soba

Handmade soba

Koharu Biyori @koharubiyori.kokubunji in Kokubunji serves handmade soba noodles, onigiri, and a colorful variety of osōzai seasonal side dishes. It’s the restaurant to go to when we want to eat nourishing dishes. Broccoli with udo – a spring vegetable, squid, liver, and kabocha squash with raisins and walnuts.

The rice is topped with ground pork soboro with a hint of ginger and eggs. The tempura is fuki no tō butterbur, a slightly bitter sansai mountain vegetable. The teuchi handmade soba is delicious.

The menu is a great value. This whole meal was less than 5,000 yen ($37). Put Koharu Biyori on your radar if you’re ever out on the Chūō line @chuosuki near Kokubunji station. There is also a beautiful garden near the station called Tonogayato.

Butterbur tempura

Koharu Biyori 小春日和

Kokubunji-shi, Honcho 2-3-3

Closed Wednesday and Thursday and the 31st this month. Call ahead before making a special trip.

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