Pizza Marumo

Pizza Marumo

Pizza Marumo opened near Ebisu station in December of 2022. The pizza crust is delicate and with a high amount of water making it light. The menu of pizzas is also quite extensive. Hard to choose as there are so many options including tomato, cheese, cream, and even mayonnaise based pizzas.

No Plobemo

This is the No Ploblemo of mozzarella di bufala, roasted tōfu, chicken confit, tomatoes, sliced almonds, and walnuts. A great combination of ingredients, but the crust is mind-blowing.

Mentaiko focaccia

Mentaiko and cream over focaccia and roasted cauliflower with a garlic anchovy sauce to start the meal.

Roasted cauliflower with a garlic anchovy sauce.

I asked to keep the garlic anchovy plate so that I could dip the pizza crust into it. So good. A refreshing glass of Greco di Tufo rounded out the meal. I was dining solo so was happy when chef Motokura said that they could do a half-order of the roasted cauliflower. Arigato gozaimasu! Grazie, chef.

Dried fruits salad

Dried fruits like figs and cranberries brightened up the salad. It was a sign of a talented chef.

iI did ask him how he would describe the pizza. In my mind I thought Roman style (like I have had at the Nihonbashi Mandarin Oriental), but he smiled and said Tokyo-style. I love it. There is also an interesting pizza on the menu called Japanese Umami topped with dried shiitake sauce, mozzarella, pecorino, mackerel, katsuobushi smoked bonito (or skipjack tuna) flakes, kombu, green onion, sesame and soy sauce. Chef also offers a half Margherita, half Marinara pizza!

Pizza Marumo

Friendly staff and the restaurant is brightly lit during the day. I was able to make a reservation online for free through the restaurant’s website. I did it in Japanese but the site for making reservations is also in English. Staff also said that weekday lunches are still possible to walk in (after the peak noon lunch rush). But nights and weekends the shop is busy. Highly recommend if you love pizza or just love good food.

Pizza Marumo

Shibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-11-13

And, grateful to Dan Castellano for putting this on my radar! Life-changing pizza. It’s that good!

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  1. This place looks fantastic! Love your blog. My Fiancé and I are wanting to visit sometime and will definitely check out some of the places you write about.

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