Nihonbashi La Fresa Kissaten

¥550 ($4) breakfast includes siphon coffee.

Finally made time to visit this historic kissaten old school coffee shop. This tuna sandwich morning set, with a boiled egg, salad, and fresh strawberries comes with a cup of siphon coffee is a bargain 550 yen ($4). Seriously, one of the best values in Tokyo. The regular customer who sat next to me got melon instead of strawberries.

Nihonbashi Cafe LaFresa

It’s also a gorgeous building with tangled vines on the exterior. But, there is a catch. La Fresa still allows smoking. Such a bummer. The shop is popular with local office workers. Many of them smokers.

Tokyo’s cheap breakfast!

La Fresa

Chūō-ku, Nihonbashi Honchō 4-2-8

So, check it out. If you’re ok with smoking. I am so bummed out. Would love to go back. But most likely won’t. Nearby is Mikado kissaten. I do love the hot dog breakfast there.

I have worked in Nihonbashi for two years and have been doing market tours here for over a decade. But only recently did I make it to La Fresa kissaten. It’s two blocks away from my normal walking route. That is what is fantastic about Tokyo.

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