Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki

Okonomiyaki is the savory pancake that Osaka is famous for. The Tokyo version is called monjayaki and it’s the style I prefer. Not as much flour in the batter so parts of it are crispier.


Konaya is a chain of restaurants where most diners do an all-you-can-eat plan. On weekends 1880 for 90 minutes ($14). Even cheaper on weekdays. The menu also includes meats like bacon or sausages, vegetables (butter and corn), and noodles for cooking directly on the teppan iron griddle. There’s also edamame and salads.


It’s a fun meal for families. A few savory pancakes, yakisoba noodles, and small bites here and there. The meal ends with crepes topped with butter and sugar or anko sweet azuki red bean paste.

Butter 🧈 🌽 corn and bacon

Konaya Kokubunji. Also branches in Tachikawa, Hachiōji, Kashiwa, and Tsudanuma.


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