Marunouchi Tsutaya Share Lounge

There is a new two-story Tsutaya bookstore just in front of Tokyo Station at the Marunouchi Building. On the fourth floor is a Starbucks inside the bookstore. On the third floor is a Share Lounge which has a buffet of snacks, breads, yogurt, juices, and beverages. There is also beer, wine, and canned cocktails.

When checking in I started with an hour at 1,650 yen ($12). From there guests are charged at 30 minute intervals. Staff asked me if I wanted the alcohol plan which I believe started at 2,200 yen ($16) per hour. I asked if people were drinking in the morning hours and she laughed and said once in a while. 🙂

If guests stay more than 3 1/2 hours there is a daily rate of 5,500 yen ($40). It felt that some of the guests were regulars who use the Share Lounge as their office. A few guests were even doing online meetings.

For book lovers it’s wonderful. Guests are also allowed to bring three books from the bookstore at a time to their seats. Book cafes are a trend in Tokyo and I am a big fan.

I came to do some writing but was still great fun. I did have fun exploring all of the offerings at the buffet which included mini quiche Lorraines, instant soups, blood orange San Pellegrino, cream pan, and much more. It was fun to try. It might also be fun to go later in the day with a girlfriend to have a few drinks and snacks. There are some bigger tables for small groups holding business meetings.

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