Ercole Moretti

Ercole Moretti

There are some tableware that I come across at restaurants that are so beautiful that it’s fun to add them to my home collection.

At Tsuru to Kame

I first came across Ercole Moretti while dining at Tsuru to Kame restaurant. However the restaurant was unable to tell me the name of who made the colorful glassware. They did say it was made in Italy. I tried searching but gave up.

Le Noble in Ginza

Three years later when walking past the @le_noble shop that specializes in imported tableware did my heart jump with joy. There was a colorful selection in the window.

Park Hyatt Tokyo chocolates.

The colorful Murano glassware is stunning in person. It was hard to pick one. My birthday gift for myself. Here with Park Hyatt Tokyo chocolates and aged saké.

If you’re in Ginza, stop by Le Noble and cross your fingers that there is a selection to choose from. The store did say that the dishes are popular and hard to keep in stock. They also said that the shipments don’t come frequently.

Le Noble

Chūō-ku, Ginza 1-3-1

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana Luisa says:

    ¡Absoluta belleza!

  2. Camilo Rodriguez says:

    I spotted the Hyatt chocolates from your Valentine’s post even before I read it in the caption.I simply adore these post!!!!

    1. Arigato. I miss you! Xoxo

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