Kokubunji Tonki Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu pork cutlets

Tonki is a famous tonkatsu shop in Meguro, which dates back to 1961. It has a sister shop in Kokubunji, on the Chūō line, about 20 minutes west of Shinjuku. There was a line in front of the shop when we arrived, but not nearly as long as the lines I have experienced at the Meguro shop.

Schmear of karashi spicy mustard.

The Kokubunji shop is a quaint shop. Several seats at the counter where diners can watch the tonkatsu being deep-fried. In the back of the restaurant is a tatami room with low tables. We were socially distanced from other diners and the restaurant left tables open creating even more space between guests.

Everyone in the back room ordered the ro-su which has a thick layer of fat. The set meal comes with tonjiru pork miso soup, pickles, rice, and julienned cabbage. The staff came back twice offering us more cabbage. Our green tea cups were filled a few times. The meal is a good value at 1,600 yen ($12). Especially with the all-you-can-eat cabbage! 🙂

Simple menu

Tokyo-to, Kokubunji-shi, Minami-cho 3-18-4

If you do travel to Kokubunji, consider visiting Tonogayato Garden which is not far from Tonki. It is one of Tokyo’s public gardens and is lovely.

The Kokubunji Tonki is a sister shop to the famous Meguro restaurant.


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