Matsumoto Mingei Hotel Kagetsu

Folk craft furniture

Matsumoto has a rich history of mingei, traditional Japanese crafts. The Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu celebrates the mingei philosophy. The hotel opened in Meiji 20 (130 years ago). The older part of the hotel has rooms with some Matsumoto folk craft furniture. This part of Nagano is known for its hot springs waters and the hotel has an onsen on property.

Matsumoto crafts

The gift shop has many beautiful folk craft items including lacquerware, glassware, paper products, and more.

Matsumoto Castle
Hotel Kagetsu

The hotel has bicycles to explore the city. I will definitely go back in warmer weather.

Hotel Kagetsu gift shop

It is also a short walk to cool spots like the Cohiludo cafe specializing in oyaki dumplings. Shizuka, a popular izakaya, is just around the corner from the hotel. The popular Nakamichi Dori and Nawate Dori streets are also nearby and are lined with shops for local crafts. Kaiundo wagashi confectionary store is also nearby.

Hotel Kagetsu

Nagano-ken, Matsumoto-shi, Ōte 4-8-9

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