Tsukiji Breakfast Toto Grill

B Teishoku Set

Tohto Grill @totogurill is where the workers at Tsukiji go for breakfast and lunch. This breakfast is the B Set for the day. Seven small bites including tuna sashimi, oysters, and shūmai dumplings for 950 yen ($7). As you can see in the photos of the was food the menu is extensive. Fried shrimp, curry, sautéed pork, and much more. There is also a big list of drinks.

The diner to my left was enjoying a small bottle of saké. Best of all it’s easy to socially distance from other diners. Much harder to do at other restaurants at Tsukiji now that the border to Japan has reopened.

Assuming the menu is only in Japanese so best to take a photo of the wax food you want and show it to the waitress. I love these local spots. I was first brought here when working for a Japanese seafood company. Back then it was filled with smokers. Glad that smoking is no longer allowed here.


Tohto Grill 

Tokyo-to, Chūō-ku, Tsukiji 6-22-4

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Eastman says:

    Hello Yukari, I’m greatly enjoying your recent posts and want to try this breakfast next time I visit Tokyo, in February. Are you and your husband still offering tours of Tsukiji and the new market? If yes, I would like to organize one with you. Thank you. Warm regards!

    1. Konnichiwa. Arigato. Yes, still doing tours!

      1. Peter Eastman says:

        Wonderful! Can I email you my Tokyo dates, and you can tell me your availability? Are you still at your gmail address?

      2. Yes. Still there. Please email me your dates and how many in your party.

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