Food Sake Tokyo Radar – 2016 October

On top of our radar is the Tsukiji to Toyosu move which has been put on hold. I am trying to keep readers up to date on our blog. It’s changing by the hour and I’ll do what I can to update things here: (2nd link)

There is a new documentary movie out called Tsukiji Wonderland. The movie will be released in mid-October, but is currently being shown at the movie theater near Tsukiji. Shinji saw it and said it’s very good. Speakers in the movie include Harvard professor and author of the best book written about Tsukiji, Ted Bestor, and several famous Japanese chefs.

We are very excited to hear that Singapore’s Bee Cheng Hiang has opened in Ginza. If you haven’t tried the barbecue minced pork, you are in for a sweet and meaty surprise. We often ate this when we lived in Singapore. Usually as a snack with beer. 🙂 Ginza 5-6-9

In Ginza, the Tokyu Plaza has finally opened up. Highlights include City Bakery in the basement, Bareburger, Tsurutontan, and a Greek restaurant from Australia, The Apollo.

A new coffee shop in Toranomon, Caffeineholic for organic caffeine drink (mattcha for those of you who don’t like coffee) and hot dogs. Minato-ku, Toranomon 1-4-7

A Russian sake sommelier, Dmitry Bulakh, has opened a sake bar, Twelv.. He worked a the popular sake bar Musshu Mizuki in Ginza prior to this. Looks like it’s on the pricey side, so not sure if/when I’ll be making it here, but my friends who have been have said it’s a cool space and that there’s great sake here. Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-4

A small bit of scandal in the saké world, not by the Japanese, but by non-Japanese trying to perhaps make some money off of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate attempt at ranking Japanese saké. Journalist W. Blake Gray has it all covered on his blog:

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  1. Miki says:

    Thank you very much for another informative update!

    Coincidently, a few weeks ago, I read about the Twelv. new-open.
    Twelv. claims to be the world’s first ‘bio’ sake specialist bar, all of which leaves me wondering what their definition of ‘bio’ is; open to debate, but I’m guessing it will be a combination of;

    – certified organic sake
    – sake made from organically farmed rice (certified or not) or low-intervention farmed rice.
    – yamahai, kimoto and bodaimoto style sake.

    It’s also open to debate whether or not Twelv. is a ‘world first’, reason being
    Yuwaeru (Kuramae), Hitoshizuku (Roppongi) and Umi (Kyoto) have been specializing in these types of brews for a number of years, and I wouldn’t bet against there being others.

    Regardless, it’s good to see another shop focused on this sector; alas, it Twelv. appears way too cool and expensive for my liking!

    1. Arigato, Miki-san,

      Very interesting about claiming to be the first “bio” sake specialist bar. I wasn’t aware of that. I wish Dmitry the best of luck. But, it is too expensive for my budget.

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