NY Croissant Donut at Mr. Donut


So Mr. Donut Japan has brought its version of the Cronut to Japan, the Mr. Croissant Donut. It’s not as good as the cinnamon-dusted New York Rings at the Roastery in Omotesando, but a huge improvement over the version made by Banderole. It is crispy and flakey and the whipped cream was pretty skimpy. It is definitely not worth standing in a long queue for hours for. Japanese consumers love trying new food products, so it was no surprise that the two people in front of me both were buying the Mr. Croissant Donut. On my way out of the shopping mall I saw three other customers holding the specially designed bag for the Mr. Croissant Donut. I won’t be going back for a second.Croissant Donut2

The Mr. Croissant Donut comes in three flavors and is about $2. As in the photo above, from left to right:

1. Chocolate with whipped custard

2. White chocolate with whipped caramel

3. Maple with angel whip (whipped cream)

If you like croissants and sweets, then make a beeline to the Croissant Taiyaki shop.

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  1. RSG says:

    Frankly, the NY version by Dominique Ansel isn’t worth standing on line for either, for any amount of time!

  2. girlexpat says:

    I have been SO curious how these taste, BUT I have to do vicariously through someone as I’m on a diet! boo!

  3. You are not missing anything. Save the calories for something else.

  4. Erin says:

    Does anyone think these are better than regular doughnuts or regular croissants? I haven’t tried one yet, but I love doughnuts and croissants so much…I’m very curious.

    1. I think their regular doughnuts are better than the NY Croissant Donut. For croissants I would never buy from here but go to a place like Maison Kayser or Gontran Cherrier.

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