The Japanese Cronut


With so many amazing bakeries in Tokyo I was very hopeful when I heard that there was a copycat Cronut in Tokyo. The famed croissant/doughnut of New York City’s Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho. The bakery was already on my radar before the Cronut craze as a friend of mine had raved about Dominique’s bakery.

The Tokyo copycat version is made by a Shizuoka-based bakery called Banderole. Banderole operates many small shops in the suburbs of Tokyo. The one closest to our home is a small retail shop called Bread Basket that is located in a supermarket called Ito Yokado.

Here are the rich mattcha and the salted caramel New York croissant doughnut (as it is called on its website).


How was it? Disappointing. Usually if something isn’t good I don’t bother to write about it. However, with the hype over the original Cronut, I have to save readers a trip to the suburbs. How could the Japanese, who are so good at imitating and improving, drop the ball on this one?

These were purchased first thing in the morning after the store had opened. The Cronut at Ansel’s bakery goes for $5.00 USD. The Japanese version goes for 160 JPY, or less than $2.00 USD. So, right there you can imagine that cheaper ingredients were used. While I haven’t had a real Cronut, I can only imagine that Ansel is using real butter. I don’t think an ounce of butter was used in making the Japanese one. The croissant part itself was not flakey but heavy and had the taste of pre-packaged cheap pastries that are sold at convenience stores, not at authentic bakeries. The flavored icings were also not at all pleasant.

I can only hope that someone else in Japan takes the challenge and tries to create a better version of the cronut.

Monsieur Ansel – please come and open a bakery in Tokyo!


3 thoughts on “The Japanese Cronut

  1. I’m going to Tokyo in the fall so I got so excited when I saw the title of your post. Such a shame the cronut wasn’t very good. Here in Los Angeles, a bunch of donut shops have jumped on the cronut bandwagon. I tried one at DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica and it was pretty good but not worth the $5 they charged for it. By the way, I love your blog, I’ve been perusing all the articles to help me plan my Japan trip.

  2. I really liked your post! I haven’t try the Cronut yet but still not excited about it! Please can share your email address. Thank you.

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