Chicken Izakaya

Potato salad is the classic pub food.

Chicken from Miyazaki prefecture is the theme of this casual izakaya chain called Tsukada Nōjō. Each meal starts with fresh vegetables and a miso dipping sauce – free refills of the miso! Woo hoo.

Potato salad, charcoal-grilled chicken with a salty yuzu koshō, spring rolls, gyōza pot stickers stuffed into chicken wings, and fried chicken with a tartar sauce. What’s not to love?

Charcoal grilled chicken with yuzu koshō

My only disappointment is this new trend of having to order your food from your cell phone. It took a long time for the menu to upload. Until now I could always say that I prefer to order from a printed menu but that was not even an option here. Staffing is short throughout Japan, especially in the hospitality industry. There was only a skeleton crew here.

Tsukada Nōjō has branches throughout Japan. This one was in Kōriyama in Fukushima just in front of the station.

Chicken wings gyōza

Fukushima-ken, Kōriyama-shi, Eki mae 2-3-8, Elite 39 Bldg. 6th floor

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