Nagoya Kamawanu Tenugui

Tenugui are long cotton cloths that can be used as a scarf, a placemat, or a hand towel. I use it as both a scarf and to dry my hands when out and about in the city. The material the tenugui is made of dries quickly.

While traveling I like to pick up a tenugui from local shops as a way to remember the vacation. These three tenugui are from a recent spring break trip to the Kansai region. Some shops offer tenugui that are only sold in a certain city, so I always check those out first.

Osaka Nijiyura kushikatsu

Osaka @nijiyura_tenugui has a lovely shop near Umeda station. It’s on the 9th floor of the LUCUA shopping mall. This design is kushikatsu skewers which is a local dish.

Nagoya Castle shibori tenugui

The blue and white #shibori design is from the @nagoya_castle gift shop. It’s from Konsei, a shibori specialty shop. Each piece is handmade so each design is unique.

Kamawanu gauze tenugui

@tenugui_kamawanu has a lovely shop in the #Nagoya Station building #Takashimaya department on the 11th floor. While there are some cool Nagoya only designs, including a fun coffee and eggs design. A nod to the #kissaten culture which started in Nagoya. Instead I selected the gauze tenugui cloth as it’s even lighter than the normal tenugui. As we’re going into summer the gauze tenugui is something I can get damp and wrap around my neck to keep myself cool. I couldn’t resist the floral pattern.

Nagoya Takashimaya Kamawanu

@nijiyura_tenugui is originally an Osaka shop but it does have a branch in #Nihonbashi in the #coredo_muromachi_terrace building. @tenugui_kamawanu has several shops in Tokyo including in #Daikanyama.

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