Osaka Kushikatsu

Asparagus and baby corn 🌽 kushi katsu

Kushi katsu 串かつ is a popular local dish in Osaka. Vegetables, meat, and seafood are skewered, breaded, and deep-fried. Kushi means skewer and katsu comes from the word cutlets for anything breaded and deep-fried. Kushi katsu is traditionally served with a sauce that is sweet and salty.


Rampuya is a charming kushikatsu shop near the boisterous Dotonbori area of Osaka. Eight counter seats at a counter. Staff here were very friendly. We went early on a week night so had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The meal starts with crudité served in a short cocktail glass. The raw vegetables were a nice break from the fried skewers.

We loved our meal here very much. Vegetables like asparagus, renkon lotus root, and onions. Bacon and potatoes is so comforting. Chicken, umeboshi, and shiso hits all of the right spots. Interesting pieces like myōga ginger bud and konnyaku with herring roe which had a fabulous texture.

Rampuya らんぷ屋

Do try to have a kushikatsu meal if you visit Osaka. At bigger restaurants diners may be asked to share the dipping sauce, so the rule is no double dipping. 😂


Rampuya らんぷ屋

Osaka, Chūō-ku, Shinsaibashi 2-2-29, basement


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