Vegetable Bentō

All vegetables bentō

Met a girlfriend for lunch after eight years. We picked up noriben, nori bentō, from the basement of the Ginza Six department store and headed to the roof. I was so excited to try the vegetable version. 

Maitaké (hen of the wood mushrooms) tempura, yamaimo (mountain potato) and renkon (lotus root) is grated to a paste and fried with a shiso leaf. It has a great texture like a soft mochi cake. Mashed potatoes, spinach, and a silky roasted sweet potato. All of the vegetables are over two thin layers of rice each topped with nori.

Simple packaging looks like a sheet of nori.

This vegetable bentō is called hatake (garden or field). Noriben Yamanobori is famous for the grilled salmon bentō. It also does a chicken bentō. There are shops in stations including Tokyo Station, Ueno, Shinagawa, and Haneda Airport. So grab a bentō for the shinkansen train ride.

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