TKG Raw Egg πŸ₯š Over Rice

Gourmet eggs 🍳 for TKG

Raw eggs over a bowl of rice is a popular breakfast in Japan. TKG (tamago kake gohan) is the nickname for raw egg over rice.

Staff wrote the name of the eggs.

At Ginza Matsuya there was a pop-up of gourmet eggs for TKG. Japan Tamago Kake Gohan Lab has a selection with tasting notes for each egg. Six eggs for 900 yen ($6.80). The staff kindly selected for me a variety and wrote down the names of the eggs on a chart for the box.

TKG condiments include soy sauce and crunchy almonds in a sauce.
Egg white meringue.

The easiest way to enjoy TKG is to crack an egg over a bowl of hot rice and season with soy sauce. A fun riff is to whip the whites with powdered dashi (we used Shiro Dashi concentrate), soy sauce, and sugar, to a meringue. Finish with an egg yolk.

Egg chart with tasting notes.

It’s sad that eggs get a bad rap back in the US. We eat eggs daily, sometimes at more than one meal. 

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  1. Ana Luisa says:

    Β‘Me impresiona la manera de comer un huevo, asΓ­!. Yo adoro los huevos.

    1. Arigato. Muchas gracias.

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