Yari ika spear squid 🦑

Yari ika spear squid sashimi

Sashimi at #IzakayaSakamoto, our home. This is yari ika, spear squid, that is in season in February. As sashimi the squid has a silky texture. The legs are scrubbed to remove the suction cups and then blanched in hot water. The contrast of the sashimi and boiled squid is a great way to enjoy yaki ika.

Tsurubishio Yamaroku saishikomi soy sauce

It’s served with a tsurubishio Yamaroku soy sauce from Shodoshima. It is a saishikomi which is double brewed and the thick texture is ideal for sashimi.


Yari ika spear squid

Here’s a list of seasonal seafood for February.


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  1. Camilo Rodriguez says:

    What a lovely table setting. Love all the dishes and cups!

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