Onsen Spas, Books, and Chilling Out

Sushi and tempura ¥1,580 ($12)

Some weekends we spend half a day chilling out at onsen hot springs. It’s relaxing to soak in the warm waters, especially rotenburo outdoor hot springs with the cold breeze in the air. There are several types of hot springs to try.

Karaage fried chicken and handmade tōfu ¥980 ($7.50)

Ryusenji no Yu is a chain of hot springs centers. It’s like a family amusement center complete with a large restaurant, and a section with books, magazines, and tons of manga. There is a variety of seating areas. Some guests get so comfortable they fall asleep – some even snoring loudly.

Travel and cooking magazines

FYI, there’s an extra fee to use the book rooms (650 yen) and is only for junior high school kids and older. It has a big selection of magazines, travel guides, and cookbooks (all in Japanese). Guests using the book room are given indoor wear. 750 yen to access the hot springs. Massages are also available.

Hot springs and books.

Ryusenji no Yu


There is a free shuttle from Hachioji station.

The closest station is Takakura on the Yokohama line

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