Matsumoto Onsen Hotel Onyado Nono

Matsumoto Onyado Nono

When looking for hotels in Japan I seek out properties with onsen, ideally rotenburo which are outdoor onsen. I love the feel of the cold air while soaking in the hot springs and even better if I can see the stars at night.

View of the Japanese Alps in Matsumoto from the hotel.

Onyado Nono is a chain in the Dormy Inn group. Dormy Inn is a basic no frills business hotel, sometimes with an onsen on the property. The Onyado Nono rooms are a bit more spacious with tatami mats and a bed.

Hotel stay includes a bowl of late night ramen.

The Dormy Inn properties, along with Onyado Nono, serve a complimentary bowl of ramen at 9:30 p.m. There is also a free ice cream bar after soaking in the onsen and in the mornings a probiotic drink after the morning soak.

Onyado Nono in Matsumoto, Nagano.

The buffet breakfast at Onyado Nono is filled with local dishes called kyōdo ryōri. It’s a great opportunity to sample different dishes that are unique to the destination.

This Matsumoto branch is in a quiet part of the city, about a five-minute walk from the station.

Tabi socks

Guests take off their shoes when entering the property. Be sure to ask for a pair of complimentary tabi socks at the front desk.

Onyado Nono Matsumoto

Nagano-ken, Matsumoto-shi, Fukashi 1-5-17

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