Tsukiji Toritoh Chicken Specialty Shop

Tsukiji Toritoh steamed chicken over rice.

Toritoh is a chicken-specialty shop at Tsukiji Market. There is a retail shop and two restaurants in the market. This steamed chicken over rice takes me back to Singapore. The menu includes chicken ramen, and karaagé fried chicken.

Toritoh menu

Toritoh has a branch in the newer Uogashi Yokochō building on the third floor shokudō cafeteria space. Several restaurants including Tohto Grill share the space. It’s spacious, easy to socially distance, and a few restaurants so something for everyone.

Tsukiji Toritoh

Chūō-ku, Tsukiji 6-26-1, Uogashi Shokudō 3rd floor


Uogashi Yokocho Shokudō cafeteria

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