Tsubakiya Kissaten Breakfast

Tsubakiya morning set

Lovely morning set at Roppongi Tsubakiya kissaten. Salad, ham, egg salad, toast, butter and jam, and coffee for 1,250 JPY (about $10 – and no tipping in Japan!). Diners have the option to toast the shokupan and also to select the house siphon coffee or today the special selection Tenkuu Columbia. The coffee is poured from a siphon glass into Royal Copenhagen tableware. The lunch menu includes curry and there is a selection of cakes.

Japanese toast

I love these old school kissaten coffee shops. This one had a few older diners, all socially distanced. A professor-ish gentleman came in and was seated at a table with a reserved sign. He said toriaezu coffee, a coffee to start, and asked for the lunch menu that he would order after finishing his coffee. Very dapper in a black and burgundy wool blazer with a vibrant pink silk handkerchief in his jacket pocket.

Roppongi Tsubakiya

Tsubakiya reminded me of some of the mingei kissaten in Matsumoto – complete with dark wood interior, stained glass, and some dishes on display in glass cases. Waitresses wearing the French café uniform – black with white apron.

Tsubakiya is a chain with branches throughout the city, including a big shop in Ginza (Ginza 7-7-11, 2nd and 3rd floors). This one is the Roppongi branch just near the Hibiya subway exit 1A near the Pompadour bakery. (Roppongi 6-2-35, 2nd floor)

Kissaten coffee shop



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