Japanese Pancakes

Marshmallow pancakes

A popular trend are Japanese pancakes made with whipped egg whites. Fluffy and light. The crème brûlée pancakes included a bitter caramel sauce and was not too sweet. The marshmallow pancakes with ice cream and bananas was too sweet. There was a bacon, egg, and cheese pancake that looks amazing but sadly was sold out by the time we dined.

Crème brûlée pancakes

There are several shops throughout Tokyo selling these. This shop, eggg Kokubunji, is in the suburbs and was not busy at night. (phew!) Just a two-minute walk from the station’s north exit. And yes, three g’s.

Eggg Kokubunji

Tokyo-to, Kokubunji-shi, Honcho 2-12-4, 3rd floor


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  1. ANA says:

    son bastante grandes!!, para lo habitual de lo que es un bocado japonés.

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