Fried Chicken in Matsumoto

Izakaya Shizuka

Fried chicken at Shizuka near Matsumoto Castle. Sanzokuyaki 山賊焼 fried chicken is a local specialty in Matsumoto, Nagano. I love fried chicken and this one was crispy and juicy.


Shizuka is an izakaya traditional Japanese pub. In the evening nihonshu flows and there is a long list of saké-friendly small bites like basashi horse sashimi, yakitori chicken skewers, grilled onigiri rice balls with miso, and oden stew of fish cakes and vegetables. At lunchtime Shizuka offers set lunch meals including sanzokuyaki fried chicken.

Miso yaki onigiri

Shizuka is also filled with mingei crafts and the dark wood makes the room feel warm, even in the cold of winter. It’s also a large restaurant so it was easy to socially distance when we dined for a late lunch.


Shizuka しずか

Nagano-ken, Matsumoto-shi, Ote 4-10-8


Japanese (but great visuals)

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