Nihonbashi Yukari Shōkadō Bentō

The shōkadō bentō at Nihonbashi Yukari is a luxurious lunch. In the evenings the Iron Chef @kimiononaga serves a multi-course kaiseki menu of seasonal dishes. The lunch starts with a savory custard which is chilled in the summer and hot in winter. The bentō box has four sections: a collection of small bites – like a hassun course in kaiseki, sashimi, tempura, and buta kakuni tender pork belly. Rice – often a takikomigohan, tsukemono pickles, and miso soup round out the meal.

Chef Nonaga has a brilliant way of incorporating modern twists to the traditional cuisine at the third-generation restaurant. He has wonderful sweets including cheesecake and ice creams inspired by Japanese ingredients such as kinako roasted soybeans with black beans and kuro mitsu black sugar syrup. He has recently created a frozen dessert of azuki bean paste, black sesame paste, and sesame oil that does not use milk.

Note that the shokadō bentō at Nihonbashi Yukari must be ordered in advance. The restaurant has set lunches with a variety of seafood, the simmered pork belly, tempura, and more. The restaurant is located between Tokyo Station and Takashimaya department store.

Nihonbashi Yukari

Tokyo-to, Chūō-ku, Nihonbashi 3-2-14

I will be speaking with @bentoandco for their @japanesefoodpod podcast.

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