Mugi to Olive Clam Ramen at Manseibashi

Mugi to Olive Clam Ramen
Mugi to Olive Clam Ramen

Mugi to Olive has been on my ramen radar for a while. The chef behind the restaurant is trained in French cuisine. Ramen bloggers and Japanese media, both print and television, rave about the clam soup ramen. But it jumped to the top of my list after seeing it mentioned in this great piece in the New York Times by Ingrid Williams:

The hamaguri (common Orient clams) are from Kuwana in Mie prefecture. A region famous for its hamaguri. The Daisen chicken is from Tottori prefecture. The base to this bowl of ramen starts with excellent ingredients. The thin, straight noodles are made from domestic flour and are al dente. The toppings include a generous portion of refreshing mitsuba (trefoil) greens, and Daisen chicken. The yamaimo (mountain potato) and naruto (fish cake) is deep-fried in olive oil. On top of that, a half-dozen hamaguri clams. The tare is made from soy sauce and chicken fat. On the table is a jar of shallot oil which added even more umami to the bowl.

The article mentions the branch in Ginza but we went to the Manseibashi store. When we left the shop was mostly women. The Manseibashi area is fun to visit as there are some great shops. Manseibashi is an old station in Tokyo that is no longer being used. The shops are under the tracks of the Chuo line.

The bowl is full of umami and has a rich flavor of clams. It is obviously made by a trained chef using good ingredients. It also has a Bib Gourmand recommendation from the Michelin Guide.

Mugi to Olive

Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Sudacho 1-25-4, Maach ecute Kanda Manseibashi S10


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  1. OLiver says:

    Hi Yukari~
    Look forward to trying this place! Ironically, walked by it and read the menu, but didn’t go in. NOW I will, lovely review.
    Also, your article featured last week in the JTimes on Friday the 13th, was a solid read. Maybe explains why it was a ghost town when I went to have a seiro soba at lunch on Oct 23rd. And I had on an American flag motif across my shirt, dressed in jeans and had a backpack. (Is it me, or is Tsukiji just a circus lately?)
    Thank you Yukari… always look forward to your reviews!

    1. Jonas says:

      We sampled a number of dishes here (e.g. two bowls of ramen, special side of curry). Sadly while this spot’s decor is clean / cute, and the ingredients high quality / prepared with care, the flavor was lackluster (if you are visiting Tokyo, I’d skip this spot and opt for something else).

      1. I think many people will prefer the tonkotsu or chicken ramen. But, for those of us who live in Tokyo, I love having the variety of options we have here, including this one.

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