Tips for Visiting Tsukiji Market


These signs are posted at one of the entry points to the inner market (jōnai) of Tsukiji Market. Some great tips here for visiting the inner market.

Most importantly, stay out of the way of the workers. It is a working market, so be aware of workers trying to get around you.


The inner market opens to the general public at 9:00 a.m.


Avoid going into the market in large groups.


So obvious yet there are still visitors pushing around their kiddies in strollers in the inner market.


Love this. No flip-flop.


Of course, don’t touch the product.



Hey dude.

Some other tips for visiting Tsukiji Market include the following:

Wear comfortable shoes that can get wet.

Travel lightly. No large backpacks or rolling suitcases.

Photos are fine, but no flash as the fishmongers are working with knives and it’s dangerous.

Great shops selling knives, tea, and more in the outer market. Note that many of these are cash only shops.

Be sure to check out the Tsukiji Market calendar online to see if it is open. Usually closed every Sunday and every other Wednesday, but not always.

To see what the new Toyosu Market will look like when the inner market of Tsukiji moves, check out the Tokyo Ichiba Project Museum.

Start your morning with Tsukiji’s best coffee at Turret Coffee, which opens at 7 a.m.

We offer tours of Tsukiji Market. Details are here about Food Sake Tokyo tours.

An article I wrote about Tsukiji Market and some key shops worth visiting for The Japan Times.

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  1. A very useful post for tourists wanting to visit Tsukiji Market – thank for posting, Yukari!

    1. Arigato Sharman! Hope you are well. Looks like you are a grandma. Congratulations!

  2. Dean Fujimoto says:

    Thank you so much for your recommendations in the Tsukiji area. Turret coffee and Trattoria Tsukiji Paradisio were great! Even my wife, who is a Tokyo native, will recommend these places to her friends.

    PS – I also bought a bunch of the togarashi furikaki to take home to Hawaii. Very addicting!

    1. I am so happy to hear this. What island in Hawaii are you from? My friend opened Koko Head Cafe on Oahu. If you go, tell Leanne that Yukari sent you. 🙂

      1. Dean Fujimoto says:

        We live in Kaimuki very close to Koko Head Cafe. Fabulous brunch menu there! Will give Chef your regards.

  3. JATardiff says:

    Thanks very much for this thoughtful posting (re: Tips for Visiting Tsukiji Market). TM is a very serious place of business for the Tokyo restaurant community and those who work there do not need to be hindered by casual visitors. Be aware and considerate and enjoy your time from a polite distance.

  4. Lucky you! Please say “konnichiwa” to Leeanne for me. Arigato!

  5. Erin says:

    Love these! It was amazing to me where they allow tourists to walk on the way to the tuna auction. Do you think they’ll continue to allow tourists into the tuna auction and market once it moves?

    1. It will be even better at the new location as there will be viewing platforms to watch the tuna auction. Not sure how they will manage the number of visitors to the viewing platforms for the tuna auction. But, from images I have seen of the future market, it looks like more people will be able to observe the auction.

  6. Oliver says:

    Thank you for this Yukari-san!
    Enjoying Turrett coffee and their warm hospitality and queued for Trattoria Paradiso’s wonderful menu…thanks to you!
    Why hasn’t A.Bourdain found you yet!
    Appreciate your shared knowledge and lovely recommendations.
    Does Yurindo carry your book?

    1. Arigato for the kind words Oliver-san. You can find Food Sake Tokyo at the bookstore at Tsukiji Market. Tsukiji 5-2-1 Building #8. The updates to the book are on the blog here under “updates”.

  7. malosophy says:

    excellent write up!

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